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Orchestra: 2-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Timp+2 Perc., Piano, Strings

About Rift:

Winner, runner-up, or finalist of numerous international competitions, including:

2018 RED NOTE Festival Orchestra Composition Competition
2016 Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute
2015 South Korea Busan Maru International Composition Contest
2015 California State University Northridge “Northridge Composition Prize”
2015 Sydney Australia Contemporary Orchestra Call for Scores
2015 Ablaze Records Orchestral Masters Composition Contest

When two entities in space are torn apart, there is created a rift. In numerous ways, Rift uses the ensemble to insinuate its two main themes: space and separation. Large, swelling, dynamic-phasing in the brass representing orbiting planets and sparkling woodwinds floating over an atmospheric bed of sound provided by the strings, alluding to stars, are just a few. Using polytonality, offset rhythms, constant-changing meter, and other techniques, Rift communicates separation. As the piece progresses, its listeners are brought to find the piece’s greater, overall meaning.

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