Concert Music

Large Ensemble

Unease, Concert Band (2020; to be premiered)

Rift, Symphony Orchestra (2015)

It Was Then I Awoke, SSAA + String Orchestra + Percussion (2014)

Messier 82, Symphony Orchestra (2013)

Quiet Snow, Symphony Orchestra (2009)

Pioneer, Symphony Orchestra (2013) - Official theme commissioned by the Julien International Film Festival

Sancta Caecilia, Symphonic Band + SATB (2010) 

Night Flight of the Specter, Youth String Orchestra (2010) 

The Crusader Roar (University Fight Song), Wind Band + SATB (2011) 

Eyes Like Aster, Wind Band (2009) 


Vocal / Choral


Agnus Dei, SATB (2020)

White Moon, SATB + Piano (2017) - Commissioned 2017 by Choral Arts Initiative

Beneath the Wave, SATB (2011)

Until Autumn..., SSA + Piano (2015) - Commissioned 2015 by the Haiku International Association, Japan

The Hushed House, SATB (2014) - Commissioned 2014 by the Young New Yorkers' Chorus

Ave Maria, SATB (2013)

Windowsill Rain, Soprano + Piano (2011) - Commissioned 2011 by the Daegu, South Korea Opera House


Chamber & Small Ensemble


Windfall, Bb Cl, Alto Sax, Piano (2016) - Commissioned 2016 by Ensemble 135

Snakebite, Bb Cl., Vln., Pno. (2013) from the Zodiac Trio's Dreamtime album (Blue Griffen Records)

Cleveland Park, Bb Tpt., Pno. (2011) 

Refè, Vln., Vla. I, Vla. II., Vc., Bsn. (2013)

Frostbite, Bb Cl., Pno. (2013) 

Free Flight, Fl., Pno. (2012) 

Blue BirdFly Away, Vln., Vc. (2012)

Dance in the Summer Field, Brass Quintet (2010) 

Night Flight of the Specter, Youth String Quartet (2010) 

Destiny March, Fl., Vln., Org. (2013) - Commission 2013 Shiroyama, Kagoshima, Japan




Tabi 旅, Japanese Koto (2011)

Year of the Dragon, Piano (2012)

        I. Hatch

        II. Flight

        III. Flame

Adding Flowers, Piano (2010)

Marie, Piano (2009)