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Vocal / Choral


Amidst the Storm - SATB, Strings & Percussion - 2023 Commissioned by Clarke University

Agnus Dei - SATB 

White Moon SATB + Piano - Commissioned by Choral Arts Initiative

Beneath the Wave SATB

Until Autumn... SSA + Piano - Commissioned by the Haiku International Association, Japan

The Hushed House SATB - Commissioned by the Young New Yorkers' Chorus

Ave Maria SATB

Windowsill Rain Soprano + Piano - Commissioned by the Daegu, South Korea Opera House

Large Ensemble

Unease Concert Band

Rift Symphony Orchestra

Pioneer Symphony Orchestra - Commissioned by the Julien International Film Festival

Sancta Caecilia Concert Band + SATB Chorus

Night Flight of the Specter Youth String Orchestra 

It Was Then I Awoke SSAA + String Orchestra + Percussion

Messier 82 Symphony Orchestra

Quiet Snow Youth Orchestra


Chamber & Small Ensemble


Windfall Bb Cl, Alto Sax, Piano - Commissioned 2016 by Ensemble 135

Snakebite Bb Cl., Vln., Pno. (from the Zodiac Trio's Dreamtime album (Blue Griffen Records)

Cleveland Park Bb Tpt., Pno.

Destiny March Fl., Vln., Org. - Commission 2013 Shiroyama, Kagoshima, Japan




Tabi 旅, Japanese Koto

Year of the Dragon, Piano

        I. Hatch

        II. Flight

        III. Flame

Adding Flowers, Piano


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