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News & Updates

December 2018

Check out the trailer for the upcoming tabletop card game, ALLIANCE - with original music by Luke 

December 2017

Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Rise of the ICOs" (Float Productions; Dean Anastos, producer, Cole Kornell, director) - with original music by Luke 

August 2017

Flynn begins composing the soundtrack for the upcoming video game, "Edge of Atlantis,"

an open-world RPG for the Oculus Rift by Creality Studio!

October 2017

Check out a teaser track for Luke's upcoming soundtrack for the video game, "Edge of Atlantis!"

January 2017

Flynn's piece, The Hushed House, is given honorable mention in the 2017 RED NOTE Music Festival composition competition.

January 2016

Flynn's piece, Rift for orchestra, is chosen as the winner of the Oklahoma Composers' Orchestra 2016 Inaugural Composition Contest.

August 2015

Flynn's piece, Rift, receives 2nd place in the South Korea, Busan Maru International Composition Contest 부산마루국제음악제 

June 2015

Flynn's piece, Rift, is chosen by the American Composers Forum as a runner-up for the 2016 Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute.

June 2015

Flynn's piece, Rift, is chosen as the winner of the 2015 CSUN Northridge Composition Prize.

February 2015

Flynn's piece, Rift (orchestra), is chosen for performance by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra as part of their call for scores.

February 2015

Flynn's piece, Quiet Snow (orchestra), is chosen as the winner of the Lexington Philharmonic New Music Experiment composition contest.

February 2015

Flynn's piece, Snakebite, is released commercially on an album by the Zodiac Trio and Blue Griffin Records

June 2014

Flynn is given honorable mention for the "Best Original Score Award" at the 2014 Indie Gathering Film Festival

November 2014

Flynn's piece, Snakebite, is chosen by the Zodiac Trio to be performed on a 10-concert tour across China as part of the "12 Minutes of Fame" concert series. The performances will take place in the following locations:


-National Performing Arts Center of Beijing (Beijing, China)

-Fuling Grand Theater (Sichuan, China)

-Chongqing Grand Theater (Chongqing, China)

-Hefei Grand Theater (Hefei, China)

-Dalian People's Culture Club (Dalian, China)

-Changzhou Grand Theater (Jiangsu, China)

-Taicang Grand Theater (Jiangsu, China)

-Yantai Grand Theater (Shangdong, China)

-Qingdao Grand Theater  (Qingdao, China)

-Henan Art Center (Henan, China)

June 2013

Flynn is named a finalist for the American Prize in Composition.

March 2012

Flynn's piece, Beneath the Wave, is named 2nd place winner of the 2012 San Jose Choral Project composition contest for

October 2013

Flynn's piece, Sancta Caecilia, is selected as a finalist for the International Sacred Composers Composition Competition.

October 2013

Flynn's piece, Beneath the Wave, is named the Region 5 winner of the SCI/ASCAP 2013 Student Composition Commission Contest.

June 2015

Press release from the Telegraph Herald

KY ForwardClarke University, and 

Butler University.

February 2015

Flynn's piece, Year of the Dragon, is released commercially on an album by World Oceans.

August 2014

Flynn is chosen as a winner of the Young New Yorkers' Chorus composition commission contest. He is commissioned to compose a new piece to be performed for their Summer 2015 concert season.

Update: Flynn's commissioned piece, The Hushed House, has completed and placed 2nd in the competition. 

March 2013

Flynn is featured in Film Magazine for his recent commission to compose the theme music for the Julien International Film Festival.

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